Remember Me?

Yes, all too often people’s memories will fade once they have the check.  Just as important as all the upfront consultation, advice, and guidance you receive BEFORE and during the selection and purchase of an entertainment or automation system, is the service and support AFTER the transaction. Various things can go wrong, fail, change or need to be upgraded.  It is the nature of our technology driven world.  The only constant is change. So true. What you do not want is a partner who forgets who you are after the deal is done. Audio Visions has a history of providing support and service for all our customers, including access to factory authorized repair of your equipment, much of it performed on site in our facilities, or in your home without inconveniencing you. Service contracts are available for clients who wish to have a periodic evaluation, tuning, and review of their system performed to head off any problems or keep their system up to date and running at peak efficiency. In addition, extended warranty contracts can provide the peace of mind that expensive repairs will be covered after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Audio Visions depends on our repeat customers and references. We cannot count on that unless we are certain that our clients are happy. Since 1995 we have been part of many people’s entertainment family.

We are here for the long haul

Things break, remotes get lost, software needs to be updated, the dog may eat a wire...

We have seen it all, and we know that once the installation is complete, the need for services does not end.

Many of the updates can be done over the internet or here at our faciilty, as well as in your home.  If your equipment needs to be sent to a repair facility we will assist you by removing the equipment, professionally packaging and shipping it to the vendor.  Upon return we will arrange for the unit to be re-installed at your convenience.