Kimber Kable

Many of the finest music and home theater systems still demand high quality cable and interconnect for their operations.  Do wires really make a difference?  If you believe in the laws of physics and mathematics, then the answer is a resounding “yes!”.

It has been demonstrated repeatedly in labs around the world that there are many negative and parasitic effects of poor quality cable and wire in a music or video reproduction system.  Material quality, construction techniques, insulation and connector application all combine to make a huge difference in the final production of your music or video.

Established in 1979, Kimber Kable is the brainchild of inventor, engineer and entrepreneur Ray Kimber. Ray's fondness for new discovery and experimentation actually began in the first grade when he built a crystal receiver, which he tweaked, without help or knowledge, by adding to it a set of army surplus headphones. It wasn't supposed to work, but it did, he remembers.

After his experiences managing a theater, a couple of concert tours, assembling professional audio sound and lighting matrices, and sales of high-end kits, he realized that cable was more than just merely important. "If weaving cable could alter the sound so significantly, I figured everything else about cables was on the table for discovery, rediscovery or reinvestigation."

Kimber had the idea of some counter-rotating sets of conductors to cancel the magnetic interaction effect, but then also surmised that the counter-rotating sets of conductors would likely not pick up noise even without the conduit

Today Kimber produces the world’s finest connectors, cables and wire for any music or home theater application.

Kimber Kable