Home Theater

Home Theater

You have the front row seat in your personal state-of-the-art home theater from Audio Visions.
With viewing and sound rivaling and surpassing most cineplex theaters, you control the action and the popcorn!

Now you can have 4K in your projector too!

Nothing quite matches the dramatic impact of a 110 inch projection image in high definition and a surround system that puts most movie theaters to shame.  You will know where your kids, and husband are with a home theater.  Family time takes on a new meaning. 

The possibilities for your home theater solution are nearly limitless when you work with our team. Some of the great features we can use include home theater seating, projectors, screens, surround sound speakers, 3D TV’s, and much more. Basically, if you can dream it up, we will work hard to bring it to life. No matter if you want to have a bunch of friends over for a Cowboys’ game or just enjoy quiet movie nights at home with the kids, your new home theater space will be the perfect place to make those memories.

There are get started packages for about the same cost as some large format televisions, and packages for all out luxury theaters, including furniture, sound treatments, custom construction, lighting and control.  The only limit is your imagination.